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Planted for a Purpose

It is a pleasure to welcome you to our new website. I trust that you will find it a source for guidance and inspiration and that you will benefit from our ministry offerings. We are blessed by the work God has called us to do for His kingdom.

Over the years I have met many gifted and talented women, and marveled at the unique qualities that they bring to the world. In my sight they were women that God could use. In 2005, while reading Psalm 1:3, the Holy Spirit placed in my heart, that God desires that His people, particularily women, discover their true power, passion and purpose. I meditated on this scripture. With the Holy Spirit as my guide, I began to receive thoughts and ideas on how to bring women together to help them reach their greatest potential in the kindgdom of God.

In 2011 my vision seed for Free Tree Ministries was planted.  Opportunities for women to fellowship and explore the Word of God together were offered. Giving all glory and honor to God, and sincere thanks for the prayers and support of my Pastor, family and friends, the vision for Free Tree took root.  I am grateful for all that the Lord is allowing me to do, and I continue to rely on Him for continued guidance. He is faithful. I know that Free Tree Ministries was planted for a purpose.

The early church was first devoted to the apostles’ teaching. They were also devoted to caring for one another and to sharing with one another what they were learning and what Christ was meaning to them (Acts. 2:42; Heb. 3:12-14). My prayer is that through Free Tree Ministries we will continue this work. It is needed as much today as it was when the church first begun.

At Free Tree Ministries, we know the value and importance of  relationships with God and to one another. We offer opportunities for women to grow and enrich one another in the things of Christ and to ultimately serve in their areas of giftedness.

We ask for your prayers and support as we continue in ministry for the building of God’s kingdom.

In peace and love,

Sister Trina Adams