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To God be the Glory

It is a pleasure to welcome you to our new website. I hope that you will find it a good source for information and inspiration and that you will benefit from our ministry offerings. We are blessed by the work He has inspired us to do in ministry to Christian women.

Over the years I have met many gifted and talented women, and I marveled at the unique qualities that they bring to the world. In my sight they were women that God could use. In 2005, while reading Psalm 1:3, the Holy Spirit placed in my heart, God’s desire that his people discover their true power, passion and purpose. I continued to meditate on this scripture, and while doing so I would often think of things that I could do to help bring out the best in them. Back then, I didn’t quite understand my passion to help others live to their greatest potential, but I begin to share my thoughts and ideas. To my surprise, they were well received, and I discovered a growing need, particularly among women, to seek new direction and meaning in their lives.

In November 2011 I received my calling – to share biblical truth with women of God so that they might grow in their purpose through life giving freedom in Christ. With the support of my Pastor and friends, Free Tree Ministries was formed. In the first year we offered opportunities for bible study and fellowship. Giving all glory and honor to God, seeds of truth were planted that took root in the hearts and minds of those who participated. We are encouraged by what God is accomplishing through Free Tree Ministries and are relying on Him for continued guidance and blessings.

A new bible study class will begin in the fall. In November we will host our second annual Women’s Conference, in partnership with Church of God Ministries. In 2013, we will introduce a new one year program, entitled “Planted for a Purpose.” This intensive course of study will help women gain a greater knowledge and understanding of who they are in Christ Jesus. With a focus on spiritual, physical and emotional wholeness, we will challenge and encourage them to break free from self-imposed and worldly limitations and ignite the power and passion that lies within. We are trusting and believing that through this experience God will prepare them for their season of purpose and prosperity.

We ask for your prayers and support as we continue in ministry and for all we serve for the building of God’s kingdom.

In peace and love,

Minister Trina Adams,